Criminal Justice Historian Officer Nominations

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    Hello Everyone!

    The Criminal Justice club are now accepting nominations for the officer position of the historian.

    As Historian, your responsibilities would include:

    – Being in charge of the club instagram; this would entail keeping the account updated, posting members and officers of the club on the page, and taking pictures at events to promote the club!
    – Keeping the club on track regarding upcoming events
    – Keeping track of club milestones/goals
    – Knowing how the current year compares to previous
    – Overall being aware of the history of the club and how improvements can be made

    We would also work together as officers to plan future events for the club. This position needs to be filled as quickly as possible, so please consider if you are able to. We are looking forward to those of you who are interested. If you are interested in this position, please email both Taylar Bryant (Me, who is the President) and Dr. Paige Reed (our sponsor). Their emails are and This email needs to be sent by this Thursday at 4:30. Please consider being a part of the wonderful group of officers that keep this club running.  We will be sending the nomination form out on Thursday night or Friday at the latest. Lastly the decision of who will be our new historian will be announced Monday.  We are excited to have a new person to bring wonderful ideas to our club.

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