National Paper Shortage

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    There is a national paper shortage due to supply chain issues, demand, and labor and product shortages. This means that prices for paper are going up. I have been informed that cardstock is becoming difficult to come by. I have placed an order for some of the paper that we need, but not all of it is available at this time, for example, we are low on 11 x 17 cardstock, and it is hard to find. I will begin checking with other suppliers to see if they have what we need at reasonable prices. You may notice that the paper that you order for your department is a different type than usual or that the price per box has gone up. I will do my best to be sure that we have what we need for your printing and copying needs. If the type or size of paper that you need is not available at the time you need it, I will work with you to determine a somewhat comparable alternative. Another option that we do have is colored paper and cardstock. We still have various colors of 8.5 x 11 paper and cardstock. Some other options to help are to reuse the back sides of paper for draft copies, print double-sided, and also to share electronic files instead of printing copies, or printing less copies.

    Jennifer Dick

    Support Services Coordinator

    Grafton Library

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