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    Position Description:         Nursery Staff

    Pay:                          $15.00 per hour


    Primary Function: To provide childcare for the church, ages birth thru four years. You will be scheduled to work on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, approximately 4.5 hours a week. Optional hours may also be available on a sign- up basis as your schedule allows. As a staff member, you will be required to secure other childcare for your child(ren) if needed, during the assigned schedule.


    Principal Responsibilities and Duties

    Safety is our primary concern. (Every parent will leave their phone number in case of an emergency.)
    ●     Children should NEVER be left unattended for any reason.

    ●     Doors should be shut at all times.

    ●     Safety latches on cabinets and drawers should be engaged at all times.

    ●     No child should be allowed in the bathroom area without direct supervision. Diaper bags and other items brought with the child should be stored out of reach of the children.

    ●     Children are never released to anyone other than the person who brought them.


    Interact with children in a nurturing, Christian manner.
    ●     All children and their parents are to be treated in an equally respectful manner at all times.

    ●     No punishments for ill behavior is allowed. Children’s attention should be redirected as necessary to maintain a loving environment.

    ●     Age appropriate toys and activities should be given to the child.

    ●     When feasible, the outside playground should be made available.

    ●     Caregivers should be ready to work with a positive attitude upon entering the nursery.


    Children’s Comfort
    ●     Temperature of the environment should be comfortable.

    ●     Diapers should be changed promptly, as needed. Caregivers should wash hands before and after.

    ●     Snacks provided by parents as necessary.

    ●     Feed infants as needed with food provided by parents.


    ●     Hands should be washed frequently.

    ●     Caregivers should not arrive to work ill. Please call the appropriate contacts with as much advance notice as possible.

    ●     Caregivers will maintain an orderly environment. Toys will be cleaned. Will work together with janitorial staff to keep the nursery clean.

    ●     Caregivers should wear appropriate clothing at all times.


    In case of an emergency
    ●     Parents will be called or texted to report to the nursery immediately.

    ●     In case of an extreme emergency, cell phone should be used to call EMS services (911).


    Report promptly any issues which arise in the nursery to the appropriate personnel.
    Additional responsibilities

    Empty diaper pail and trash (after every nursery use)

    Replace changing pads (as needed)

    Collect soiled linens from cribs (if needed)

    Wash toys and dishes used (after every use)

    Sanitize sink and counters (after every use)

    Communicate needs to other staff (soap, changing pads, snacks, cups, ect.)


    Organizational relationships

    The Nursery staff will report to the Children’s Director and Staff Parish Relations Committee for supervision.


    Required qualifications

    Background check

    Basic first aid certification

    The Guardian Plan read with a signature sheet and waiver of liability signed and returned within 2 weeks of employment.


    Benefits: No benefits are provided for this position.


    Evaluation: The Nursery Worker will be evaluated by the Children’s Director and a representative of the SPRC committee.



    To apply, please email resume to Sharon Jones


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