OIT Alert – 10-digit local dialing enforced Saturday

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    Ten-digit dialing will be required for local calls beginning Saturday, May 14 as a result of changes approved by state regulators.

    You can begin dialing 10 digits for local calls now. Beginning on Saturday, local calls won’t connect unless you use 10 digits.

    All residents in the 540 area code in Virginia, including those using Mary Baldwin University office phones, fax machines and cell phones, will be required to dial 10 digits (area code plus seven-digit phone number) for all local calls.

    Additional points:

    • Continue to dial Internal calls to MBU extensions as four-digit numbers.
    • Continue to dial the area code + telephone number for all long-distance calls.
    • The price of a call, coverage area, and other rates and services are not changing.
    • You can still dial just three digits to reach 911. You can also dial three digits to reach 211 and 811, as well as 311 and 511, where available.

    The dialing changes are the result of the introduction of the 826 area code as an overlay to the 540 region.  An overlay is the addition of another area code (826) to the same geographic region served by an existing area code (540).  An overlay does not require customers to change their existing area code, but may require new customers to be assigned the new area code.

    Contact the MBU Help Desk (help@marybaldwin.edu or 540-887-7075) with any questions or concerns.

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