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    2of3_HomeMovie_Theaters_where2watchBut what if the pandemic drags on? Will consumers grow increasingly accustomed to nabbing first-run movies when they want, in the convenient comfort of their own homes and often on bigger, better, more immersive home theater equipment that is becoming less expensive?

    Warner Bros made the unusual and controversial decision to release Wonder Woman 1984 on the same day (12.25.2020) on both its streaming service and in theaters — a strategy it said it will deploy for its entire slate of 2021 films. Typically, theaters receive exclusive rights for up to three months before movies go to video.  Warner’s move raised an uproar in the film industry. Critics called it a way for the studio to push subscriptions to its HBO Max service, which debuted in May. Will other studios follow Warner Bros.’ lead and decide to release movies digitally at the same time as in theaters?

    What decisions will you make for movie entertainment in the future – theaters or home?  – cable/ satellite services or  streaming services?  Tune in tomorrow for Part 3 and the final issue of this series.

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