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    cableTV_cordcuttingAlthough canceling cable service has become more commonplace, especially during the pandemic, only a minority have done it. Most of the country’s 120 million households still have a cable, satellite or a telecom pay TV package. In 2020, 77.6 million had not cut the cord.  Analyst Rayburn predicts cable will remain a viable option in the coming years, but with a shift in what is being watched and how it is watched. He says the reason you’re not going to see 30, 40, 50 percent of the market leave cable is because of sports.

    What is the alternative? A growing adoption of streaming services. Some legacy movie companies may find themselves unable to compete against streaming services. However, some legacy companies, such as Warner and Disney, also own major streaming platforms, meaning they are covered no matter which way consumer demand shifts.

    “The entertainment business is like Las Vegas in that the house always wins,” says screenwriter Landau. “Whether Warner Brothers releases theatrically or on HBO Max, they own both.”

    Have a conversation with your peers. There are so many pros and cons of each. Make predictions then watch the future.

    Will movie theaters return to profitability after the COVID-19 pandemic ends? Will you watch movies at home or do you like the theater experience?

    Will you subscribe to cable and satellite services or streaming services?  A cost comparison may help you make your decisions. 

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