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    Hello everyone! I am excited to present you all with an excellent scholarship opportunity from Rize! These scholarships are not dependent on grades and test scores, but rather on rewarding students who are showing dedication to the fields that matter to Rize.

    Because of our partnership with Rize Education to provide you with courses that prepare you for rewarding careers in high-growth fields, Mary Baldwin students are now eligible for four new scholarships provided by the Rize Foundation.

    The Rize Foundation has identified four pathways to professional excellence, and will be rewarding students based on their commitment to these pathways.

    • Women in Stem
    • Campus Life
    • 1st Generation Student
    • Growing Fields

    The awards are not related to grades or test scores. They’re just about commitment to achieving your degree.

    These scholarships are NOT available to students at every college — only schools that are working with Rize to bring cutting-edge coursework and the most in-demand majors.

    Obviously, we’d love for someone at Mary Baldwin University to benefit from this great opportunity — so make sure you get your application in by October 15th, 2021. You can apply to any and all categories you fit: https://hubs.ly/H0Y7Qmb0

    Good luck!unnamed (1)

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