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    Hello everyone, I am excited to share another Rize opportunity with you!

    Starting Sunday, October 3rd, all students here will have access to Rize Week: five nights of free panels, speakers, and events geared toward helping you choose and launch successful careers. Explore events like how to build a better Instagram, how to choose the right major, how to build employable skills, and more by clicking on the attached flyer.

    Rize Week is available thanks to Mary Baldwin’s new partnership with Rize Education – designed to bring students new courses, majors, and events focused on the most highly demanded skills in the fastest growing fields. This is an exclusive perk only for students at schools that have partnered with Rize.

    For this special event, Rize’s team has gathered some of the most successful people in the fastest-growing fields to tell you how they got where they are. And of course, they’ll be sharing their advice for how to succeed in school, in your career, and even in the world of digital marketing & social media.

    Part comedy show, part job fair, part career counseling — whether you’re looking to learn or looking to laugh, Rize Week has something for everyone.So pick the nights that appeal to you most, or join in for all 5!

    All you have to do is click here to join the list for any (or all) of the Rize Week special events: https://hubs.ly/H0XYJsZ0 unnamed

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