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    prices don’t include shipping and handling 

    -“The invitation to public speaking”, 6th addition Cindy L. Griffin. ($80.00) Gently Used

    -“Anthology of Rap”, Adam Bradley (10.00) Gently Used

    -“Book of Rhymes. The poetics of Hip Pop”, Adam Bradley ($10.00) Gently Used

    -“Foundations of a Sustainable business. Theory, Function, and Strategy”, Nadia R. Sanders ($50.00) Used w/Notes

    -“The Concise St. Martins Guide to Writing”, Rise B. Axelrod, Charles R. Cooper ($50.00) Gently Used

    -“What If? Writing exercises for fiction writers”, 3rd addition. Anne Bernays, Pamela Painter ($40.00) Used w/Notes

    -“Writing and Workshopping Poetry”, Stephen Guppy ($10.00)  Used w/Notes

    -“The Power of Babel”, John McWhorter ($15.00) Gently Used

    -“The transition to college writing”, Keith Hjortshoj ($10.00) Gently Used


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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