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    Prices CAN be compromised!!!!

    Email me at: wolivera2171@marybaldwin.edu

    Or search me on your MBU email: Ambrosia Woliver


    “Why Global Justice Matters” – Chris Armstrong $5.00

    “Conscious Communication: A Language of Connection” – Miles Sherts $5.00

    “The Global Justice Reader” – Edited by Thom Brooks $7.00

    “Organizational Behavior” – Talya Bauer & Berrin Erdogan $6.00

    “The Art Of Public Speaking” – Stephen E. Lucas $8.00

    “Vis-a-Vis: Seventh (7th) Edition” (loose-leaf) – Evelyne Amon & Judith A. Muyskens & Alice C. Omaggio Hadley $20.00

    “Principals of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications: Ninth (9th) edition” – William P. Cunningham & Mary Ann Cunningham $25.00

    “Essentials of Understanding Abnormal Behavior: Second (2nd) Edition” – David Sue & Derald Wing Sue & Diane Sue & Stanley Sue $20.00

    “Exploring Psychology in Modules: Tenth (10th) Edition (Loose-leaf)” – David G. Myers & C. Nathan Dewall $10.00

    “Conversations on Consciousness” – Susan Blackmore $3.00 (yes, you read that right)

    “Me, Myself, and Why: Searching for the Science of Self” – Jennifer Ouellette $3.00 (still right)

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