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    Hello! I am selling a few of my textbooks which I no longer need. I am flexible on prices, especially for anyone who may be struggling to buy/find books on their own.

    Available Books:

    Seven Taoist Masters: A Folk Novel of China. Translated by Eva Wong. Used for AS 212 (Asian Religions). Bought new and is still in very good condition. $10.

    The Concise St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. Eighth edition by Rise B. Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper. Used for ENG 102 (College English). Bought used and is in good condition. $15.

    Exploring Psychology in Modules. Tenth edition by David G. Myers and C. Nathan Dewall. Used for PSYC 111 (Psychology as a Social Science), also the textbook for PSYC 101 (Psychology as a Natural Science). Bought used and has some wear and tear on it, but in decent condition. $25.

    Biological Science. Sixth edition by Freeman, Quillin, Allison, Black, Podgorski, and Taylor. Used for BIOL 111 (Principles of Biology), also the textbook for BIOL 112 (Diversity of Life). Bought used and has some minor wear on it, but in overall good condition. $50.

    Please email me at stillioncb3013@marybaldwin.edu or text me at 816-868-6934 if you are interested!

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