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    Below are the textbooks I will be selling
    along with the course I used them for! They
    are all paperback and in good condition.
    (AS 275 A) Buddhism: Novice To Master, by
    Soko Morinaga $10
    (SOWk 124 A) Aging: Social Work With
    Older Adults 5th ed, by Kathleen Mcinnis
    Dittrich $50
    (ED 115 A) Foundations of Education:
    Becoming A Teacher 9th ed, by Forrest W.
    Parkway $50
    (HIST 102 A) Western Civilization From
    1648: A History Of Western Society 11th ed,
    by McKay $50
    (PSYC 211 A) Adolescent Psychology:
    Adolescence 7th ed, by John W. Santrock
    (PSYC 241 A) Sensation and Perception:
    Sensation and Perception 4th ed, by Jeremy
    M. Wolfe $20
    if you are interested in buying them, please message me
    at KingKS4714@marybaldwin.edu

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